Partners with Parents Partners with Parents Parental Intervention In our daytime work as tutors, educational specialists, and parenting coaches, we often have to decide when to intervene in a student's challenges and when to let him/her work it out alone. This challenge is all the harder when we face the same question at home and are wearing our parental hat. From that dual perspective, we offer parenting advice on the problem of when to step in.
MIT Blossoms: Tech That Uses Teachers Richard Larson, a professor of engineering systems at MIT, has introduced a teacher-driven, technology-lite method for bringing tech into education. It’s the opposite of the latest trends (which is often not a bad thing). We like that it uses best practices and gives thought to the invaluable role of the classroom teacher.
Lessons From An Indiana School In May, The Times reported on a school in Indiana where agricultural education students are raising the food that stocks their cafeteria. It is an instructive example of budget ingenuity and an attempt to bring vocational training to bear on a local industry in crisis. An interesting story but also, perhaps, a think-piece for our own local educational missions. Code-ifying Teacher Technology Training The NYC iZone's Blended Learning Institute and the  non-profit have partnered to create a teacher training program for computer science.  With computer basics and coding languages woefully underserved in schools, the effort could help the ctity's teachers and students get up to speed. Chores: The Value of Putting Your Kids To Work Over the last year, the issue of giving kids chores has been trending. Some of it is a new fad of domesticity but some of it might be a useful reminder of the hidden value of getting kids to chip in around the house. We see real value in helping children become contributing members of the family.