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Partners With Parents (PwP) is a New York City based tutoring service providing a range of educational support for families. Our mission is to equip parents with the information they need to navigate the unique experience that is raising and educating a child in NYC. Since 1999, PwP has worked with hundreds of highly talented tutors and teachers across a wide array of disciplines. We have helped students of all ages in every academic subject imaginable, homeschooling, standardized test preparation and executive functioning.

Partners With Parents is comprised of a team of educators who make it our professional and personal business to be knowledgeable about the experience of students and their families. We are veterans of public and independent school environments, of classrooms and administrative roles, and have occupied both seats in parent-teacher conferences. Not only are we experts on the developmental needs of growing New Yorkers, but we care about their well-being.

We'd like to go down in history as a company that did not contribute to the hysteria surrounding the education of children in New York City. Rather, we strive to be a calming voice—by providing parents with the information to discover who their children are, find the right environment for them, and support them academically and emotionally. Partners with Parents is a resource for all families, whether they use our tutoring services or not.


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