Praise for PWP's Custom Bar Mitzvah Planning

Below is a thank-you that we wanted to share with you because it encapsulates what we are trying to achieve at Partners with Parents. It is from a family who used us to plan their son's Bar Mitzvah ceremony. We take great pride in guiding a family through the details of this meaningful rite of passage, from the preparation of family members, to the "feel" of the service, to the music, readings, speeches, and the siddur. The results are always magical.

Dear Partners with Parents,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my son's Bar Mitzvah. Planning an event like this is mystifying, especially when trying to meet everyone's needs and address each age group. I just can't tell you how amazing your team was. Your coordinator was so lovely. She and our ceremony leader helped me with every aspect, from start to finish. The cantorial student you provided fit in perfectly as well. She, too, was warm and totally tuned into our specific needs. Every generation and people from all backgrounds felt welcome and included and thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.

The speeches were a huge surprise. Normally, I would be concerned about leaving them "to fate" but I totally trusted the team, especially our tutor who led the service. She came so well prepared and was so professional in her communication with everyone involved. Her talk during the service was beautiful. She totally understands my son and values him the way I do. She's like part of our family. My son's speech was amazing. It was funny, on point, and in his own voice. She promised me good grammar, my one requirement, and she came through! I had no fear about what would happen on the big day because I so trusted her judgment.

Most important, my son loved this experience, and it was meaningful for HIM. He was so happy to work with his tutor that he now wants to continue his Jewish education because he finds it fun and interesting!

I just have to tell you and anyone else who wants to know, it was a fantastic process and a beautiful result. The service was intimate and memorable, everything my family and I wanted.

Thank you so much,

Linda Bicks

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