Starting the School Year Off Right

With the new school year comes a fresh start. Each September we, as parents, have another opportunity to help set up our children to have a stress-free (or at least greatly reduced) school year. While the major exams, projects, and term papers are still just blips on the horizon, we can guide our children in developing a course of action that lays the groundwork for success in academics and beyond.

For the beginning of the school year a few years ago, Partners with Parents wrote an article for NY Metro Parent about when and how to be involved in your child's homework and academic life. In the article, and in our workshops based on the same concepts, we provide a structure for parents to help their children take ownership of their learning. While the framework has infinite variants based on each student's and family's unique circumstances, it loosely breaks down into the following steps:

  • Setting goals

  • Taking action

  • Assessing progress

  • Producing results

In essence, we're talking about the skills that fall under the umbrella of "executive functioning" -- the cognitive processes that we use every day to make decisions, accomplish tasks, and plan the future. Ultimately, we all want our kids to become independent, self-motivated adults who accomplish whatever they put their mind to.

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Whether what's called for is a little support or what's needed is full-blown, "executive functioning" skills training, our academic coaches, learning specialists, and tutors can help chart the path forward, setting up your family for a successful academic year! Call us at (212) 928-5014 or e-mail us.


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