SHSAT -- Moving To NYC After The Test and Taking

Families with 8th or 9th graders that move to New York City after the late fall administration of the SHSAT are still eligible for acceptance to the eight specialized high schools that require the SHSAT. For students hoping to secure a spot in one of these schools, there is an SHSAT administered at the end of the summer every year, typically in August. THIS IS NOT A MAKE-UP EXAM. It is only open to those students who moved to the NYC after the fall administration. The only "make-up exam" is given approximately two weeks after the 8th and 9th grade administrations and requires special circumstances and approval; POOR PERFORMANCE IS NOT A SUFFICIENT CAUSE FOR A MAKE-UP.

If you are new to the city, the first thing you should do is go to the borough or district enrollment office to establish your NYC residency and register your child in the school system. This is a prerequisite for enrolling in any NYC public high school. You can find the location of your appropriate office by calling (212) 374-2363.

The student must be present when you go to the office for enrollment, and you must provide the following documentation to register your child:

  • Student's birth certificate or passport

  • Student's immunization records

  • Student's latest report card or transcript

  • If any physical needs, documentation to prove them

  • Proof of residency of the parent or guardian with the in-city address. The Department of Education will allow any of the following as proof of residency: lease, deed, utility bill, water bill, pay stub, property tax bill, or any document from a federal, state or city agency that was issued in the past 60 days. They DO NOT accept cable bills, phone bills, or bank statements.

When you register your child at the borough or district office, you should request that he or she also be registered for the summer administration of the SHSAT. The test date is announced in March or April.? If the date of the exam has not been set, make sure you follow up around April to find out the date and confirm that your registration for the test is in order.

Even if you are convinced that a specialized high school is the appropriate place for your child, you should also register him or her for a spot at your local high school. This selection can be dropped in the event that more preferable options present themselves.

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