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This is the time of year when New York City families with late elementary and middle school students begin to think about preparing for the ISEE, SHSAT, or SSAT in the fall. Partners with Parents has a long history of successfully preparing students for these tests. If you are considering tutoring, we recommend scheduling a couple of sessions before the summer to lay out a cohesive study plan for the next 6 months. If you get an early assessment of your child's needs then the appropriate plan can be set in motion with enough time to make substantial progress. Our students benefit from preparation that focuses on test taking strategies and building academic self confidence, as well as simply mastering the test content. Remember, the best tutors book quickly, so the sooner you contact PWP, the more likely you'll be to get the best match for your child. Below are the bios for a few of our favorite test prep tutors.

Regina has a BA from Yale, an MFA from Columbia University and an MA in Liberal Studies from The Graduate Center. She has been teaching and tutoring for over 10 years. Before coming to work with Partners with Parents, Regina worked as a private tutor for a national education company. Her classroom experience has included time as an English teacher at Hunter High School and she has done one-on-one test preparation for a wide array of tests: the ISEE, SHSAT, PSAT, and SAT, among others. In addition to working with test prep clients, Regina creates and implements curricula for homeschool students, as well as provides academic coaching and conventional subject tutoring. On the non-tutoring front, Regina recently impressed us all with the breadth of her knowledge as a 4-day champion on Jeopardy! Look out for her on the Tournament of Champions! Regina also teaches our shsat group classes on West 72nd Street.

Jessica is a highly experienced and enthusiastic tutor. She has her BA from Columbia University and received multiple scholarships and fellowships for getting master's degrees in art and music from Wesleyan, Brandeis, and Bard. Over her eight years of tutoring in New York City, she has worked with hundreds of elite independent school students in a wide range of subjects: SATs, ISEEs, SHSATs, SSATs, PSATs, and other standardized test preparation, as well as academic subjects including mathematics, English, history, sciences, and music. She has also served as the coordinator for the Brandeis University tutoring program, taught intensive SAT prep classes through the Ivy League Tutors Foundation, and taught a range of art and music courses as a graduate teaching fellow at Wesleyan University. She believes that tutoring should reinforce the student's strengths, rectify misunderstandings, and nurture independent thinking. This allows students to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to feel empowered and excited about their academic success. She loves teaching and loves learning.

Alisa has a Ph.D in the humanities. She has been listed in "Who's Who in American Educators" and has taught a variety of humanities courses at the college level. Alisa has extensive experience with standardized test preparation and has published on writing techniques for different learning styles. Prior to working with PwP, Alisa taught SAT and GRE prep for the Princeton Review. She is expert at developing proficiency in standardized test content, teaching test taking strategies, and building academic self confidence so that students feel ready to successfully take exams. She has a fun, irreverent approach, siding with the student to outsmart the test, and has a record of substantial score increases for the vast majority of her students.

If you have general questions about the ISEE, SHSAT, or the SSAT or if you are interested in learning more about Partners With Parents' other services, please call our office at (212) 928-5016/5014 or e-mail us.

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