Reminder To All Students: Sign Up For Your Tests

If you have not done so already, we recommend that you register now for any standardized tests you will be taking this school year. There is real urgency for some, especially those taking tests in October, November or December. A few of the most popular locations are already full or almost full. This goes for high school seniors taking the Fall SAT or ACT as well as applicants to independent schools for admission next September who haven’t taken the ISEE or SSAT. You have a little more time for the Spring tests, but over the next few weeks, you should be planning what exams you will be taking and when. When creating your calendar, remember to consider any exams that are on a standard schedule (APs, Regents, Math/ELA, etc.) as well as your normal course load (mid-terms, finals, term papers, etc.) The May and June test dates are the most popular for the SAT, ACT and SAT Subject Tests so do not wait until the last minute to sign-up for those.

Bottom line: If you care where you take the test, get your registration done. Especially if you are a less confident test-taker, where and when you take it can make a difference. Trekking in the predawn light from the upper east or west side to southern Brooklyn or Staten Island is a rough way to start on the day of the exam. It's definitely not a part of “optimal testing conditions.”

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